Monday, August 03, 2009


That's what our house must be...

Last week the installation that will take the iron out of the (ground)water was put in place. But... just as we wanted to activate the pump (that's 40 meters below surface) the fuse that's controlling circuit to the motor of that pump blew.
Strange... that pump has always worked, and now, all of a sudden, it seems to short the circuit.
- Bypass the pressure switch, on top of the pressure vessel in the basement, to make sure it's not that pressure switch causing the short in the circuit.
- As I try to disconnect that switch, it breaks apart. Hmmm, I guess this thing could be the problem, so I go buy a new one.
- Connect everything up again, with the new pressure switch: same problem, the fuse blows.
- Bypass the pressure switch: same problem, the fuse keeps blowing.
- Next step: find the well-pump, and check it.
- Problem: we have no clue where that well-pump is situated in our garden.
- Solution: dig... dig... well, excavate is a more proper word for it... I spent a whole day digging holes and trenches in the garden (up to 100cm deep!) to find the pipe leading to the borehole. After 6 hours of exploring I found it, and waited for Cate to get home (serious man... eh... girlpower included), to hoist the pump to surface. (You should know, the motor of that pump weighs around 50 kg, and there's 40 meters of flexible but heavy pipe attached to it.)
- Disconnected the electricity lead from the pump, and activated the fuse again: it stayed up... no short in the circuit anymore.
- Conclusion: The motor of the pump is blocked or broken, and needs to be replaced.
- Problem: The motor (and pump) were made in the USA in 1983... For a well-pump that's reasonably 'old-age'. No motor can be found that fits the pump we have...
- Solution: a completely new pump needs to be ordered. (And whop! Another bite in our non-existing budget)

Hopefully a borehole and well-pump specialist that lives close-by will have a new pump for us by tomorrow (latest by Wednesday), so that we can start pumping up water again. Then the people from the iron-filter need to come again (fortunately free of charge) to put the installation in service.

I also need to buy 2 new filters for our rainwater-installation, as after 4 months of usage, the current filters are saturated.

Where's that guy that invented eco-friendly building and living? I'd like to shoot him please.