Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The not so timeless timeless songs

Today, on StudioBrussel, it's the Timeless Top One Hundered.
("De Tijdloze").
An attempt by Stubru and it's listeners to create a Top100 with pop and (mostly) rock songs from the last 50 years.

Already I'm getting frustrated... what is it with some songs people chose?
We've only gotten to number 90 now (an excellent song, which should be a lot higher up in the ranking in my humble opnion; The Doors - Riders on the Storm), and already they played 3 songs that should never have been released in the first place....

98. The Eagles - Hotel California
96. Bush - Glycerine
91. Therapy? - Diane

Come on people, these songs aren't timeless... They're stale... by most.
Unless, of course, that's what makes a song timeless... :)

Dangerous Toys

A year and nine months ago Sony released their third video game console in Europe: The Playstation 3.

You all know me, a gamer to the backbone, so you can imagine how excited I was back then about the release of this next generation game console. I won't go in the (for you undoubtably very boring) details of the technical specifications of this marvel of technology, but I promise you it's very, very, VERY high-tech stuff!

And then I saw the price. A whopping 500 Euros. Compared to an XBox360 or a Nintento Wii... that's an extremely obnoxious pricetag...
Result: wait for the price to come down.
12/2007: waiting... no price cut.
06/2008: waiting... no price cut.
12/2008: waiting... still no bloody price cut. WTF??!!


Something else came down in december. Not the PS3 price I had been waiting for, but The English Pound!
Ohyea; and what's the price for a Playstation3 in England? On you pay at this moment 285 pounds for the console with one controller and a game of choice!
As the pound is now worth 1.02 Euros, you know what that means!


It's mine now, I'm absolutely loving it, but I have to be very careful...
There are other things in life than gaming; The time I've spent on it already in the last few days.. hmmm.. Dangerous toys...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A new challenge

Last week I decided it's time for change.
Change for the better.

As Voxtron, the company I work for, had been becoming more and more an annoyance instead of a joy to me, I looked around in the IT/Telecom-world in Belgium, and found a nice, interesting and growing company, Newtel, hiring new staff.
In the past, in the field, I have had contact with support engineers from Newtel quite often already, but I never thought that one day I'd work for them...
Actually the whole process of deciding what to do next was quite quickly over with;
two weeks ago the first meeting, and last week the second interview, followed by the moment supreme, The Signing of The Contract.
So Monday, at the start of this week, I handed in my resignation at Voxtron. Our general manager was 'surprised', and didn't understand why I had taken that decision... Well, I guess he should have read my signals a bit better then. I really can't be bothered with what he thinks, or what's about to happen at Voxtron now. (Me leaving means 50% of the support knowledge and department will be gone...)

I feel really good with the decision I've made; I'm diving into a branch of IT that's always interested me, switching and networks, but never had the chance to learn about or specialize in. So now a new door to the future unlocked for me, I can't wait to start! I still have to wrap up the job at Voxtron, which will take about 2 or 3 months, but I'm ok with that.

The future looks bright... The future looks Newtel.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Sometimes... taking a picture works out really well...

Don't you think? :-)
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Friday, November 21, 2008


In the search for the ultimate internet browser, I was surprised to find out Google have actually made their own browser.
I had never seen any ads or marketing campaigns for Google Chrome, as it's called, and was very curious to install it.

Well... I thought Opera was a fast browser... I was wrong!!
This Chrome thingy is a joy for the eye, and surfs like you've never seen before!

Although it's only available for Windows XP or Vista, (sorry... no Mac support yet), I think Google is going to score with this one...
Look here:

Let me know your browsing experience!

Edit: Let me please stress the fact that this is a beta release of Google Chrome... Do not use Chrome as your default web browser, there still are some security related issues with it, so just install it to surf around a bit, and experience the flow of Google Chrome. Try to avoid surfing on sites where authentication is required (login & password, etc...)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Almost Walking!

Gaining confidence and balance

11 days ago we celebrated James' first birthday.
Except Aki, who was present in the means of a lovely personal letter to him, everybody that has been important in his life so far were there to celebrate this wonderful event; Grandma England (Cate's mom), Oma & Opa (my mom and dad) and his own mommy and daddy.
There were plenty of cards and presents, and although he wasn't too bothered about all those giftwraps, once he saw what was inside them, he seemed genuinly pleased.

Since that milestone passed, it seems like James is taking giant leaps regarding his growing-up process... He seems to be babbling a lot more, and in a month time he's grown 3 extra centimeters (he's a full 80cm now!). But the most significant change is that he's really cruising around the livingroom now, while holding on to furniture, cats and human bits for support.

It's really amazing to see the process of how he went from sitting, to rolling over, to crawling... and now actually almost walking on his own.
He can actually do it already... for about 3 or 4 steps... but I guess he then gets scared, or over-enthusiastic, before he lets himself drop to the floor, or in your arms, whatever is nearer :-)

I can't describe how exciting these weeks are for me and's like it's going to be any minute now, that he'll come dashing towards us! His freedom is coming... and ours will vanish :-)

Almost there!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here's some more Belgian music. You should definately take some time to listen these songs:

Jasper Erkens, the public's favourite on the most recent Humo's Rock Rally, covers Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy":
Watch him perform it live here

In 2007, 50cent brought us "Ayo Technology", but this version by Milow suddenly makes it sound a LOT different:
Watch him perform it live here, or listen to the studio version here:

Let me know what you think of them!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Finally an update

My previous post was... *gulp* ... 40 days ago.

(Which means I have posted f'k all in September)


My previous update on the picture page was... ehm.. can't remember really.
So, as an October Resolution... (eat that Bolsheviks!) and because tomorrow is James' birthday:
An Update!


The progress on the renovation of the house is visible, but it's going slower than we expected. (of course)
My other half's fears that it won't be finished before New Year need to be suppressed with gentle force, and less gentle, hard labour. Budgets getting tighter, items vanishing from the wishlist/to-do list and non-responsive contractors scourge the plan of our dreams...
(Fortunately there's always a but somewhere)
generous parents, supporting uncles and very helpful cousins tug us through this new experience of making something from... well, something that was already there. (but not like we wanted it to be)
A big thank you to all of you who're helping and supporting us; I'm sure that without you we'd be in deep sh*t by now ... :-)
(Now we're just up to our ankles in it :-D)

Pictures of the progress are pending... sorry...

I did put new pictures of James online though, check!

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Something we lack.

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but its sinking
And racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in the relative way, but youre older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death
A verse of the song "Time" by Pink Floyd

Only 41 days to go before we celebrate James' first birthday.
Only 26 days to go before we get to see Lee Evans live in Sheffield.
Only 11 days to go before we sign the contract of the house.
Only 5 days to go before my band plays the Woodstock aan de Maas Festival in Rotterdam, Holland.
Only 3 days to go before my mom's birthday.
Only half a day to go before this one's over.
Only 6 hours to go before I see James & Cate again.

So much time. And so little time.
It sometimes gets me. But then it lets go.
Good. Because time has to move... from time to time.

Have a nice day... while it lasts!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

James @ Oma

James is on holiday in Aartselaar... And as you can see in the picture, having a splendid time!

Cate and I went for a visit Wednesday evening. It's actually quite incredible; we didn't see him for only 3 days, but we miss him tremendously already! Ooh soo happy we were to hold him in our arms again :-) We think he's actually grown in those 3 days... :-) The paddling pool Oma bought for him proved to be a good idea as well, he splashed and splattered like a professional.. ehm... splatterer.
Oma was also very delighted to announce a première: James crawls! He's not very stable and good at it yet, but he does it! Well done Master James!
Enjoy the Agrumes, mate, and see you again on friday! :-)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Layout + Some news!

A new blogitem, together with a completely new blog-layout.
Do you like it?

Short newsflashes for July:
- James had chickenpocks! He endured them bravely; he's now better than ever! (making walking gestures, nodding no, and blow-spraying his slobber allover you when you encourage him :-)

- The house we bought will finally be ours on the 5th of September! Hooray, we've ruined ourselves hurrah!

- I put our band's website in a new jacket:

- Crosstown Traffic played a showcase for the Woodstock aan de Maas festival last Thursday; on our (new) website you can find the recordings of the complete 30 minute concert. (also on YouTube by the way... :-))

- I still like Opera.

- I had a one week holiday in July, and I feel I could do with another one...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Go Opera

Last weekend I installed a new web browser.


It's brilliant.  Really.

Forget Internet Explorer.  Forget Mozilla Firefox.  Forget Safari (duh). Forget about ANY web browser you know.

You want speed?  It loads faster than any other browser.
You want security?  It's safer, and the developers actually SOLVE all security related problems disoverd in Opera. (pun intended, Microsoft!)
You want scalability?  It lets you customise and modify almost ANYTHING  you see.
You want mail?  It's got a built-in mailclient.  (A million times faster than outlook (express) or Mozilla Thunderbird)
You want more?  It's got it.

Plus, it looks great.  There's skins you can install (very very easy to do), I'd personally recommend the 'Tango' skin. 

Seriously, try it yourself; it's not a big download, it's free, and you'll notice the difference immediately:

Opera 9.5 - beautifully engineered

You'll love it.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Public Transport...

...and why I hate it.

Since last week I'm working half-time, as a Voxtron-software-consultant, for Fortis Bank in Brussels.
Since Fortis doesn't provide parking spaces for 'externals', the only way to reach that office in the centre of Brussels, is by taking the train to Brussel Centraal, and then a short walk.
(Unless you want to queue the E40 for two hours, and then park your car in a dodgy car-park as near to the office as possible...)
Oh joy.

So public transport it is...

I don't know why, I don't really recall since when exactly, I haven't really thought about how it's come to this point... but PUBLIC TRANSPORT TOTALLY DISGUSTS ME.

Have a become so egoistic? So asocial? Such a happy-car-driver?

You won't hear me complain about the quality of the train itself though, no sir, they're good; they're comfortable. During this time of year you even get to find a spot to sit down.

To not nag the crap out of you, I'll just give ONE example.
One example that annoys me endlessly is what SOME PEOPLE DO ON THE TRAIN. I mean, seriously, sleeping is for in your bed. And certainly SNORING on the seat behind me, is a big fat NO GO. Come on; go to bed earlier, or stay in bed in the morning, but don't go snoring on the train! (I've had my deal of that at home already, I don't need it AGAIN on my way to work!)

Anyway, the iPod is a nice invention, so that's taken care of for now...

It's only one example of the so-many things that I hate about public transport, and you'll probably say 'come on you twat, get over it' but... but...
Well. It's hard for me...

I guess I realise now what freedom I have in that stinking, diesel consuming, polluting, lovely car of mine.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Along came Pollen

Last weekend we all came together at grandad's house in Ostend, not just for your common get-together though... no.. it was a 'let's work'-get-together to clear our that jungle of a garden there!

All Vercayies from Bruges were already hard at work when we arrived around 11 AM, except for Björn, Myriam's boyfriend, who made it a sport to 'look' very hard at work, simply by wearing gardening-gloves and checking up on everyone.
Nono, I'm kidding; he worked hard as well, like we all did. :-)

In the afternoon after all the grass was cut, the hedges trimmed, the pond cleared out (I tell you, a huge root-mud-monster was skillfully removed from that once so sparkly water-garden), it was time for a barbeque. Uncle Paul did most of the work there, but I was in charge of the fire, until it bored me silly and uncle Jan took over from me :-)

The close of the day was perfectly finished by España, who beat ze Germans with 1 to 0 on the finals of the European Championship. Thank you Spain, we all know it's a good thing the Germans didn't win the war, eh, Euro Championship.

Not so perfect is the aftermath for me... I guess all that grass, hedges and other greenery contained a bit too much pollen, which blocked my nose completely on monday morning. It's still blocked ad dis momend, so read dis blog wid shud nose for full experience :-)

I'll post some pictures of the sunday@Ostend event on my picture experience page later.
My Dad's pictures here
Uncle Pieter's pictures here

Monday, June 23, 2008

I ♥ Liège

Saturday James went to Oma & Opa in Aartselaar. Since he's hoarse for the moment, my mum and dad would have a quiet time.. for once :-)

Then Cate & I drove down to Russeignies, where David & Sandra live, to drive to Liège together with our new drummer, Hans.
After a good 2 hour drive we arrived at the centre of Liège city, and were welcomed by the very very warmhearted host of the youth hostel, Sébastien. The first gig of the evening was already playing (a tribute to Noir Désir, a for us unknown French band, but seen as the whole crowd was singing along like mad, we realised our musical knowledge does have it's limitations), which forced us to unload our gear and transport it right across the front of the stage, towards the backstage area... (Something Cate really was looking foreward to :-p).

During the whole evening we were treated like heroes. It's really incredible how the people in the south of our country are so much more hearty and warm, compared to those in the north... We were on cloud nine.

The second band, a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute called Coffee Shop, started playing around 21h15; I made some pictures of them here.
Being a local band, they had the biggest audience of the evening (about 500 people), and played a bit longer than foreseen, but that's ok.
During their gig I did a LIVE interview on Walloon radio N°1: BelRTL
You can listen to it here. Be warned: It's all in French... :-)

Finally, at around 23h30 it was time for us to play our gig. The 200 people that had stayed, cheered like they were still with 500, and we had a sound on stage like a CD was playing: a fantastic job of the sound engineers! We played more than an hour, and our rendition of Voodoo Chile turned out to be more than 15 minutes long! The sound engineer also recorded the last 40 minutes of the gig on a portable recorder, and he'll send me the mp3's when he's transferred them to his pc. (I'll then post a link here as well, so you can have a listen :-)
UPDATE: They posted a small movie on YouTube (the start of our concert) here!

A fantastic day, in a marvellous setting, with beautiful people... If only every Crosstown concert could be like this. :-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Black Hole Sun

Studio Brussel, after 15 years still my favourite radiostation, is doing a show about the 90ies called 'Rendez Vous'.
Every show they pick out a year to discuss and talk about what musically happened that year.
One of the items they do, is letting a Belgian artist cover one of the biggest (rock-)hits of that year.
Well, I've heard some good ones, some serious-shame-on-you-bad-ones, but for the year 1994 an exceptional version of the song 'Black hole sun' (by Soundgarden originally) was covered by Ozark Henry.

If you know the original, you'll have to agree with me that Piet Goddaer has respected the original, but completely made this song his own... I think it's the best cover I've heared in a long time...

Listen for yourself:
Click here to listen
edit: if the link doesn't work, click here to go to the Studio Brussel website, and click on 'zijn versie' to play the song.

(and let me know what you think) :-)

Friday, June 13, 2008


Today is Friday the 13th. Usually a lucky day, in my opinion.
Although I saw a couple of really stupid, crazy drivers this morning on the way to work (a bit more than usual, anyway), causing near-accidents just because they weren't looking properly where they were driving...
I guess those people deserve an unlucky Friday the 13th today... Pay attention in traffic, nitwits!

Today is the last day of my 20ies as well.
I'm not so sure why everybody is making such a big fuzz about it, though...
You know; 'the big 3', 'you're getting OLD', 'getting closer to 40 than to 20'...

Leave me alone! I feel fine! Really!

Why? Well;

I'll never be older than Cate.
I'll never be 30 years older than James.
I'll never grow up.
I'll never quit playing music, or playing games.
I'll probably just never feel 'old'...

I'll keep having fun, and I guess that's the key...
I'll soon be thirtysomething and I'll keep being me :-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ejourwl... Amamam...brrrrlbl

That bloggers block was over quickly :-)

This morning, while sat in his racing chair on the backseat, James suddenly said to me: "Ejourwl, Amamamm, brrrrlbl."

Which, I think, can be interpreted as "Dad, did you know that the CD-player in the car, playing that music there, is actually using a technology which utilizes light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation?"

To which I happily replied: "Yes James. Here's your dummy."

How kids grow up so fast... beats me...

Monday, June 09, 2008


Yep... there you have it...

Didn't think it would catch me so soon...
It arrived like an Asian typhoon...

I'll wait a bit more... perhaps 'till twelve-o-clock...
'Cos nothing proper comes out with this Bloggers-Block...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

End of part I

Yesterday things got a bit out of hand... in my band.

D (the guitarist) and me had been discussing (for quite a long time already) what we should do with our Jimi Hendrix Tribute band Crostown Traffic. The motivation to rehearse and look for gigs had dropped to an alltime low; we weren't really happy with the availability and quality of our drummer Fanio; etc...
So last weekend we made the decision: The drummer we'd been rehearsing and jamming with for another project, Hans, would become the new Crosstown drummer.
Now find a way to try and get that message to Fanio in a decent manner...

Well... we failed.

As the organisers of a festival (where we'll play the 21st of June, in Liège) posted a poster on our myspace with our name on the band-list... our ex-drummer Fanio went beserk.
An understandable reaction, I guess, because we didn't get the chance to talk to Fanio properly about his (non-existing) future with Crosstown Traffic before the poster was posted...

A few dirty mails later...

A mixed feeling again... but it'll be alright...
I guess being 'kicked' out of a band is not the nicest thing that can happen to a musician... But wait... haha... No problem there... After all, drummers aren't musicians! :-p

Thanks, Fanio, for 5 years of Crosstown beats. But we have to go on without you now.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

A mixed day

Or how to cope with happy exciting things and sad events at the same time.

Basically that's what I had to do today.
This morning I went to the funeral of an old friend's mom.
I don't like funerals.
They play with your emotions.
I like emotions, don't get me wrong, I think I know how to handle them; how to let them fill you when they're growing, how to enjoy/experience them at the fullest and how to smoothly let them fade away when the peak has been reached.
But since the funeral of my grandma, more than 10 years ago now, I've decided I don't like them.

First of all I was late today.
Yep... I'll be that guy that's too late for his own funeral... I'm quite certain about that.

And then during the service you try to think of as many things as possible, except what this service is actually about.... because, well speaking for myself, if you do go along with the 'vibe' of the funeral, you get very, very, veryvery sad. (And for me that means tears pouring down like a shower, which I try to avoid as much as possible in public)
So, this policy of mine worked quite well today.
What you also do know and realise very well during a funeral is that all of us are very mortal. And that there is a time for everyone to go. There's no escape. (At least, not yet...)

Fortunately for me, this sad event brought me back in touch with my old friend, Francis, whom I hadn't seen for about 10 years. It's not really the most enjoyable circumstances to meet up again, but still, it had something hopeful. He also looked hopeful, notwithstanding he had just lost his mom.
Quite brave, actually, I know for a fact that if it were me, I'd be a total mess... A sad bag of misery, not being able to smile and talk to the people the way he did today.
And thàt made me feel better.
We've signed the contract for the house as well today, that's great, but the idea of Francis being ok, and moving on, taking his exams next month, basically looking up and walking on through life, ... That's made my day.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Let's dance!

Oh yea baby!

Thank you for knocking on wood yesterday and today, we just got message from the immo-office;
the owner agreed on our bid, and the house is ours!

In other words: Let the Misery begin.
(yes, probably with a Capital M)

Somehow I feel really confident about this investment... I don't know why yet, but I think everything will turn out to be just fine. There's plenty of stuff that could go wrong... but it won't.
I can feel it in my toes. (They're very happy)

Let's dance.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Touch wood

Today's a big day for us.

For those of you that also roam through facebook, you might have noticed my status is set to 'Tim will make an offer this week'...
Well, hopefully that will be today!

Last weekend we found a house on immoweb ... and totally fell in love with it.
It's made of bricks, it's got a roof, it's even equipped with windows and doors, and,
most importantly; it's got a wrought-iron gate.

So why wait until today to make an offer?
Well mainly because we went to see the house only for the 2nd time yesterday, and because of some issues with the bank...
But as today those things will be cleared up, it could mean a GO for our loan at the bank, and the offer for the house to be made by the end of this day!

The offer we'll make would be the exact amount of money the current owner wants for it... so... touch wood... By next week we might be the proud owners of a pile of bricks, neatly arranged in the shape of a house!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Beginning

I guess this is it...
The Point of No Return

After reading the blogs of friends and family, I couldn't restrain from starting one myself anymore.
Some doubts about whether it should be in Flemish or English welled up, but I finally decided it should be in English...
After all, my dear Cate would constantly hassle me for translating my blibs (ty Aki, for this pleasant new English term) if they were in Flemish anyway...
(no pun intended! ... or maybe a little ... ;-)

What can you expect here?
Well, like on any other blog; my own personal thoughts and opinions about everything and nothing. About my son James, my girlfriend Cate, my family and friends, my music, my gaming-addiction, my geekiness, my ups and downs, my terrible sense of humour (according to C.) my non-existant short-term-memory and my son James. And my girlfriend Cate. And my family and friends, my m...

So, that's it! It's started, there's no way back,
and the lay-out looks a tit.
But there's time for improvement.
Lots of it. As long as the concept 'future' doesn't expire...

Have a nice day, and hopefully read, hear or see you soon!